Practical Mother’s Guide To A Clean Closet

Clear out the closets and keep them clean. A mother’s how-to for de-cluttering the closets. What mother hasn’t finally got her kids to clean their room just to find the mess has been transferred to the closet. The practical mom doesn’t have hours on end to organize those closets. This practical mother’s guide to a clean closet will help you clean out those closets with minimal effort and time.

Get the Bags

Take several large garden variety of trash bags with you. You’ll use these for sorting, throwing out, and donating.

Start at the Bottom

Sorting is a craft. Don’t get caught up in the finite details of the job.

Toys and books all get tossed into one bag; those will be put away later.

Clothes that don’t fit but are in good repair go in one bag.

Clothes that are threadbare, damaged or stained go in another bag.

Clean clothes are immediately folded or hung but don’t leave the closet for the dresser. Just set stacks on the floor…stay focused.

Trash…this includes broken toys, wrappers, and miscellaneous junk all goes in another bag. Don’t let the kids in the room; they will soon realize what is going in the trash and try to thwart the mission.

Just toss dirty clothes to the middle of the room. Those can later make their way to the laundry. If the clothes don’t fit, don’t put them in the wash.

Shoes are sorted with the clothes, the ones that don’t fit but are in good repair, the ones that are trash, and those that need to be put away.

Shoes without pairs go into the dirty clothes pile. They will get a chance later to be reunited.

Work on the Hangers and Shelves

Pull off the hangers anything that doesn’t fit and toss it into the appropriate bag, then move the empty hangers all to one side of the closet so they can be located easily.

Arrange the clothes by variety. Coats with coats, pants with pants, dresses in dresses. Hang coordinating separates on the same hanger.

Put the dresses and long items on one side of the closet to make finding shoes easier.

Blankets can be quickly folded and stored on shelves.

Neatly arrange headwear on shelves.

Finishing Touches

Ok, time to come out of the closet. Trash and damaged, worn and stained clothing can go straight to the trash.

Put the dirty clothes into a hamper and move them to the laundry room.

Find the missing shoes, pair them up, and line them up in the closet.

Call for donation pick up and put out the bag of too-small clothes.

Take those stacks of folded clothes to the dresser drawers (don’t fret, you can tackle those on another day).


Whew– and the kids will never know what hit them! Get those closets cleared out and check them out every once in a while to check to be sure they aren’t reverting to their old status.

Encourage kids to keep the closet nice by insisting that shoes are put away neatly, and clean laundry is hung immediately. Pull out the clothes that don’t fit on a regular schedule and immediately toss clothes that can not be cleaned or repaired.

This practical mother’s guide to a clean closet provides an ounce of prevention…in theory!

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