On The Go Potty Training Tips

On the go, potty training is easier with certain potty-training supplies on hand. Disposable wipes and disposable training pants will make on-the-road clean-up a breeze.

Potty training shouldn‚t mean that a family can‚t go on the road. Take along a few potty-training supplies, and shopping excursions, dinners out, and even long family vacations are possible. While it‚s certainly possible for a small child to use a public restroom to take care of their bathroom needs, automatic toilets, dirty restrooms, and the need to potty when no bathroom is in sight can make for a stressful situation.

Potty Chair

One of the best on the go potty training tips has to do with the toddler’s potty chair. If the family car or van has enough space, take the toddler’s potty chair along on the trip. No matter when the child announces she needs to potty, the potty chair will be at the ready. The child can use the potty chair in a clean location, and parents won‚t have to worry about long bathroom lines or to take a toddler into a dirty public restroom.

Line the potty bowl with a recycled plastic shopping bag. The shopping bag will allow parents to clean up simply by removing the bag. Toilet paper or wipes can be tossed into the bag, too. The potty chair bowl can also be lined with paper towels to help with absorbency or even a disposable diaper if the toddler prefers a more familiar object.

Potty Training Supplies

A few well-chosen potty-training supplies will make the experience more enjoyable. Pack a bag with extra clothes in case the child has an accident. Take a weather-appropriate outfit, socks, and shoes. Disposable training pants will help prevent accidents from soiling an entire outfit. Disposable wipes can make clean up easier. Also, carry along some toilet paper in case the parent and child end up in a public restroom, and there isn’t any toilet paper available.

Diaper Wipes and Disposable Wipes

Diaper wipes make clean up fast and easy. Disposable wipes made especially for toddlers are flushable and offer the added perk of being biodegradable. Cloth wipes in a plastic bag or reusable container offers parents a way to clean the child without leaving trash behind.

Cloth Training Pants or Disposable Training Pants

Cloth training pants offer parents a nice way to save money while protecting the environment. Some experts suggest cloth training pants, so the child will know when she’s wet and will try harder when potty training in the future. This can be a problem when the family is on an outing. Plastic pants can be slipped over the cloth training pants to prevent leaks.

Disposable training pants are nice to have along when accidents happen. They can prevent a complete change of clothes and shoes, which saves carrying soiled clothes along on the trip or outing.

These potty-training tips will make an on-the-go potty training excursion easier. Take along plenty of potty-training supplies. Disposable training pants and disposable wipes will make clean up easy. For the eco-friendly, cloth training pants and biodegradable disposable wipes will also do the clean-up job with ease.

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