Make Up Your Own Baby Girl Name

Looking for a unique and special name for a baby girl? Parents can get creative with these tips to come up with their own original and personally meaningful girl names.

Many parents today want to come up with a creative and original name for their daughter, but they also want it to have some link to themselves and their loved ones. Here are some ways to do just that.

Mixing Names Together to Make a New Name

There are a few different ways to do this. An easy place to start is to take two names and mix and match parts of the names to come up with a new one. Take parents’ names, grandparents’ names, or a favorite aunt’s and uncle’s names and mix them up to come up with a new name for a child. The name will be meaningful because it will have a connection to loved ones in the family yet be an original creation.

Names of friends, celebrities, academics, and world leaders that a parent might admire could also be used to mix in with a name.

For example, if the father’s name is Robert and the mother’s name is Melinda, then parents can mix the names up to come up with different combinations:

Roinda, Berlind, Erda, Romela, Romeli, Rolinda, Roda

Another idea is to take letters from both names and just come up with different combinations:

Breti, Trinda, Dinea, Reani, Tarina

Parents can also try combining elements from three or more names.

Changing Spellings or Pronunciations of a Traditional Girl’s Name

Another place to start is to take a name that is liked and play around with the spelling and pronunciation. For example, take the name Maria, it can be spelled as:

Maeria, Mariya, M’aera, Mahrehya

Then once this has been done, parents can change the pronunciation to:

Mar-Ee-AH, Mah-Ree-YAH, M’ ARE-Ee-Ah, Mah-RAY-Ah

Play Around With the Letters to Create Interesting First Name

So, for example, take the word, Mariya. Take off the first letter, and a new name is created: Ariya. Take off the “a,” and yet another name is created: Riya.

Or do the opposite, add a letter, so find a vowel to go before Mariya, changing it to one of these possibilities:

Amariya, Emariya, Imariya, Omariya, Umariya

Another idea is to take letters away from the end of a name. For example, Mariya, take off the “ya” and have the name Mari (pronounce it Mah-Ree or Mare-ee). Or take the ending from the name and put it to the front of the name. Here are some examples:

Mariya can become Yamari

Melinda can become Damelin (Dah-Mah-Lynn)

Kristina can become Nakristi.

Shari can become Risha.

Put Two Full Names Together to Create a Unique Name

Another idea is to make a hyphenated name combination. It can be more unique and personally meaningful to combine both the husband and wife’s name or a relative’s name, such as a grandmother’s and grandfather’s name. Here are some examples:

Bobby-Lynn, Drew-Anne, Samantha-Joe, Jessica-Ray, Donny-Marie

Parents can create their own unique and personal name for their baby girl by mixing names they like together, changing the spelling and pronunciation of a traditional name, playing with the letters of a name to make a new one, and putting together two full names to make an original first name.

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