Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

Setting and sticking to a wedding budget can be a difficult task, but it’s not impossible. Try some of these money-saving ideas to help cut your wedding costs.

Every bride-to-be dream’s, of holding the perfect wedding – a stunning dress, beautiful decorations, mouth-watering food, and being surrounded by friends and family. Chances are, however, that the dream will become a bit of a nightmare as the costs start to pile up.

Planning a budget wedding doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices – just making meticulous plans.

Careful thought about every detail can ensure big savings on wedding costs and a day that is unique to the bride and groom.

Setting a Wedding Budget

When planning a wedding, the couple should sit down with their parents and anyone who will be making a contribution to the wedding costs and decide on exactly how much all parties are willing to spend.

Once a wedding budget has been set, the happy couple will start to get a good feel for the kind of wedding they will be able to afford. Some options may include the popular three-course meal, a cocktail reception, a buffet-style dinner, an intimate reception with only close family and friends, or something at home. It’s a good idea to break down expenses and allocate a maximum spend for each item. There are some great spreadsheets online to help brides and wedding planners get a start.

Writing the Guest List

A lot of brides will feel obliged to invite their parents’ friends, distant relatives, former colleagues, and people they haven’t seen since the third grade. Don’t. A wedding day should see the newlyweds surrounded by those people who play a significant part in their lives, not every acquaintance ever made.

If the bride or groom hasn’t been in contact with a potential guest for more than a year, or if they know nothing about a person’s life outside the office, that person probably doesn’t belong at the wedding and wouldn’t feel comfortable being there.

When it comes to writing a guest list, you need to draw the line somewhere.

DIY Wedding Stationery

Stationery is one of the huge hidden costs when it comes to wedding planning.

There are save the date cards, invites, maps, accommodations tips, order of services, reserved signs, table numbers, seating plans, place cards, and thank you for being made. Plus postage. DIY stationery is a popular way to cut costs in a tight wedding budget, but it may not be the most cost-effective.

Once the costs of pretty paper, embellishments, calligraphy pens, matching envelopes, and craft tools are added up, it’s likely that the stationery budget has already been blown. It may be cheaper to put together an invite in a design program such as Photo Shop or InDesign and have a professional printer run them off.

Even cheaper options include emailing invites, sending hand-written or home-printed ones, or picking up packs of pretty cards from a newsagent or discount store.

By being cost-conscious from the very beginning, brides are able to save thousands of dollars on their special day and still have the fairytale wedding they’ve dreamed of.

Weddings are expensive, and wedding costs can be overwhelming. But by getting creative and choosing what’s important to them, couples can plan a low-budget wedding.

Many brides searching wedding-planning websites can be overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the project ahead of them. And that’s before they see the price tag attached to the average wedding. For brides and grooms wishing to save money, here are some ideas for weddings on a budget.

Decide What Elements Are Most Important

A good way to stay within a budget is to decide on which elements to splurge on. Some brides and grooms want to splurge on a great photographer, while others may want to spend the majority of their budget on the food. Deciding what is important to the couple is a great way to focus on the wedding budget.

Consider A Smaller, More Intimate Wedding

A smaller wedding can definitely be less expensive and can also be more intimate and personal. Though cutting down the guest list can be difficult, couples who have a smaller wedding will be able to say they know everyone in the room.

Be Creative About Food

There’s no rule that says a wedding has to involve a huge, multi-course meal. Plated dinners can add up to a huge portion of the wedding budget, especially when brides and grooms are trying to feed numerous guests. Here are some ideas for lower-cost wedding meals:

an evening wedding ceremony with a luscious dessert-only reception

a morning wedding ceremony with a brunch reception

cake and punch served after an afternoon wedding ceremony

a casual afternoon picnic reception with individual boxed lunches

Do It Yourself For Certain Projects

Do-it-yourself projects often cost less money, but they also cost time. During a period when she is already experiencing stress, a bride may wish to be choosy about exactly which elements of the wedding she is willing to take on as craft projects.

However, do-it-yourself wedding elements lend a personal touch to the wedding, and the bride can often enlist the help of family, friends, and the bridal party. Some examples of money-saving projects includes: making invitations, assembling flowers, creating centerpieces, and wedding decor.

Off-Season is Cheapest

For couples with their heart set on a particular venue, it’s wise to find out when the rates are cheapest. Choosing off-season will also have the advantage of cheaper hotel rooms for any out-of-town guests. While Saturdays are traditional for weddings, choosing a wedding date on a Sunday or a Friday night can often be much cheaper for both venue rental and catering. Couples wishing to conserve their wedding budget should steer clear of long weekends or other popular wedding dates.

Choose Unique Wedding Venues

Wedding ceremonies and receptions can be held in nearly any location a bride and groom can dream up– not just a church and a hotel ballroom. Community halls, heritage buildings, museums, theatres, galleries, and even zoos often have space to rent out that is perfect for a celebratory gathering. Brides and grooms can get creative in their search for a unique wedding venue while still saving money.

Connect With Other Brides Through Wedding Planning Websites

Many blogs are dedicated to planning a wedding on a budget. Joining wedding forums can also be a way to find out about new vendors and even to purchase certain wedding elements second hand from newly married brides.

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