Make Baby Baths Fun

Baby bath toys, activities, and games can make bath time stress-free and more enjoyable for parents and infants alike.

A baby’s regular bath time doesn’t need to be boring; wash up and get out routine. Baby bath toys and games can liven up an infants’ bath and make it something they will continually look forward to.

Make Washing Baby Fun

Getting baby into the tub may be the easy part, it’s getting him to sit still long enough to properly wash him that tends to cause the most difficulty. Many children adore playing and splashing in the tub but will rebel against the chore of having to be thoroughly and properly cleaned. Stay happy and pleasant throughout the entire bathing. A baby will pick up on his mother’s mood; if Mom is showing signs of frustration, he will too. Make washing baby a game so that he will be more willing to cooperate.

A fun bath-time activity is a hide-and-seek cleaning game. Ask him a question like, “Where is baby’s arm? I’m going to find it!” Then find it and give it a good scrubbing, along with a few tickles. Giggles are sure to erupt once each area is found and tickled, and cleaned in the process. Be sure to properly support the baby while playing in the tub. Always have a hand on him and be sure to play any games safely.

Baby Bath Toys and Games

Once the boring cleaning is finished, it’s time for the baby to really enjoy his bath. Bath toys and games are a great way for children to get into bath time, making it an activity they will always look forward to. Bath toys don’t need to be complicated. Simple classic toys like a rubber duck or tugboat will encourage the child to play and learn in the tub. The floating toys will keep him entertained, and the bright colors will add stimulation, making these toys ideal for bath time learning.

Interactive play in the tub is a great way to have some fun while teaching a growing baby. Buy some toy cups with holes punched out of the bottom, or Mom can make some herself out of plastic yogurt cups. These are great for showering the baby while in the tub. He will delight in the “rain” pouring over him and try to do it himself. This activity will help build his hand-eye coordination and provide endless moments of bath-time fun.

Keep to a Bath Time Routine

Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or evening, keeping to a regular bath time is a great way to maintain a routine and help baby ease into a daily schedule. Choosing the best time for a daily bath depends entirely on personal schedule and habits. A parent should pick a time that works best for their family.

Many parents prefer an evening bath as part of their nightly routine. Baths can help calm a baby and make bedtime a lot easier for fussy babies. A morning bath may be more beneficial for parents who have a clear morning schedule. At this time, the baby is more alert and ready to enjoy the bathing experience.

Remember to always make bath-time safety a parent’s first priority while bathing the baby and never leave the baby unattended in the tub.

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