Futuristic Set To Begin World Tour

Zachary Lewis Beck, better known as “Futuristic,” recently released his latest rap project “As Seen on the Internet.” On the heels of this release Beck is headlining his first world tour of live performances, which start on September 9 and run through December 18. The tour consists of 50 cities throughout the world. Arizona Artist J Rob the Chief will be joining the tour for the first nine dates on the West Coast. Around Thanksgiving, he goes abroad including tour stops in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, the U.K. and winding up in Australia. His tour dates are online at onlyfuturistic.com.

Beck was born on June 2, 1991, in Bloomington, Illinois, one of eight children, and started rapping in the first grade. Throughout elementary school, he worked on his lyrical skills and started selling CD’s to his peers in fourth grade. He moved to Tempe when he was 15 year’s old and attended McClintock High School. Beck was the guy that was known for rapping all over the school. His love of the business side of the music industry prompted him to have his own home studio while in high school.

Beck says of his latest project, As Seen on the Internet, “It’s far from mainstream but I think anyone can get into it. There’s a song on there for everyone.”

As Seen on the Internet is a themed project discussing a variety of topics from the Internet. He has partnered with several Internet stars who have gone viral through YouTube and music. Many of them are features on this album.

Beck started rapping professionally in 2012, where he quickly became a star of the Internet through social media. He gained his notoriety though his “Nerd Rap,” and went viral through his music videos on YouTube.

The music industry comes with losses and gains, and Beck knows that feeling oh so well, He did a few tours in the beginning of his career that taught him real life lessons in the industry.

“I wasn’t as big as I thought I was I went on the road. I remember all I had was $3,000 and used it all for the tour and merchandise.

When I came back I was broke with no money. I lost all of it, and was like what do I now? I had to sell all my stuff, Xbox, clothes, shoes,” said Beck. Beck never had a single dollar given to him for his music. He has self-founded all of his projects except his first one where he put in 50 percent of the financial backing and a partner the other 50 percent. His profit, if any, would be a 50/50 split.

“The bigger I get the more crazy the videos get I went from spending $1,000 to 60,000 per project. The best part nobody’s takes 80 percent of my profit,” said Beck. He expressed how much he loves the business side of the music industry, and because of his success he hasn’t worked a regular job since 2011.

May 2015 Beck went back to his school and awarded several students prizes equaling up to $3,000 for an essay contest he created titled “What they would do right now if given $1,000.”“It was an amazing feeling to go back and help out students in need,” said Beck.

Beck’s final message to his fans is, through hard work anything is possible. “You have to lay it all on the line for your dreams!”


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