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Louanna Faine is one of Arizona’s premier Television, Radio, and Web Based personalities. Originally from New York, Louanna’s ambitious personality led her into a career in journalism. She successfully obtained multiple Associates Degree’s in Arts related fields while laying the foundation for what was to come with her career.
louanna Real Talk Louanna's Bio 14068033 1125381887536682 5243630673464405189 nEarly in her career, and during her years while continuing to further her education, Louanna could be heard on 1280 AM radio hosting the “Messiah Music Mix”. She also played a pivotal role in coordinating such events as the first ever Educational Platform of Excellence, various local NAACP events, several athletic events, and more. Her name quickly spread with the creation of the 4.1.1 Effect. The 4.1.1 Effect brought together local vendors, businesses, and organizations; helping to rebuild and redevelop Phoenix’s economy. This extremely popular endeavor solidified Louanna’s place in Arizona’s marketing and social networking circles. At its peak, the 4.1.1 Effect held a very successful business expo with around 1500 visitors and over 80 businesses in participation. There was also entertainment from some of the Valley’s top local artists, and one of the largest fashion shows ever held to date in Phoenix.

Still reaping the benefits and accolades from her already admirable achievements, Louanna graduated in 2011 from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism with her Bachelors Journalism. She immediately went to work on her most personal brand. Real Talk Enterprises was established as a media company from which she was able to use prior experiences, skills, and educational training for promotions, event planning, and social media networking/marketing. Through her enterprise, “Real Talk With Louanna” was born. Real Talk With Louanna® quickly rose to fame, focusing on “Real People, Real Lives, and Real Truth”, that will later change to “Changing Lives One Story at a Time through Real Journalism.” Louanna has interviewed countless pivotal and influential people from around the Valley, as well as many celebrities; such as DMX, Dr. Farrah Gray, Lil Flip, Rass Das, Da Truth, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Sinbad, Larry Fitzgerald, Kurt Warner and many more. Louanna has participated in many exciting red carpet events such as Celebrity Fight Night, Soul Train Awards, BET Awards, and many others along with one-on-one interviews and live filming at special events. While still having tons of success with her show, Louanna continued to elevate her name and brand by co-creating and assisting in other endeavors. Louanna played an important role in the development of Radio Supa and co-creating SupaVision TV. She was able to help solidify local, national, as well as international advertising for the brand, in addition to growing their social media presence and fane base.

louanna Real Talk Louanna's Bio beatlocker promo picIn 2014, Louanna became the latest female radio personality in the Valley through her role on 101.1 F.M. “BeatLocker” radio show alongside Pokafase and world famous DJ Marvel. She also was a big instrument in the success of Tempe first Juneteenth her connections throughout the community. The attendance was over 50000 people with special celebrities in attendace. Her contunued success earned her the role of the host of “AZ In The Know.” With her already proven track record again made this show a marketable success story, having grown from an idea to having an average of 7,500 – 10,000 viewers per episode. With this kind of exceptional record, along with her other remarkable work, it’s no surprise that network television stations wanted more of her!

In May of 2016, AZTV (KAZT-TV) welcomed “Real Talk with Louanna” to their network of 10,000 -20,000 viewers per episode. Recently, Louanna also joined the Arizona Informant as their digital reporter, continuing all of her impressive work while sharing the stories of the people of Arizona.


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